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Who the program is for?

Personalized program
This program helps business leaders and their teams to increase efficiency, gain higher performance, get better communication and collaboration skills while gaining more emotional and mental resilience.
Blind Spot Program
The Blind Spot Program helps discover blind-spots and put actionable strategies in place in order to detect and remove them permanently.

Help your people to grow your business
Get insights into individual intuitive talents, the blind spots and sweet spots. This is how we help you align your intuitive talents and personal career goals to the needs of the company.

What you get:
✓ Discovery of personal blind spots
✓ Actionable strategies to remove blind spots permanently.
✓ Guidance to profound leadership
✓ Building emotional and mental resilience

We help you with key elements that optimize your company's culture.
Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized for what they do, while feeling safe with the people they are surrounded by. If you want to build long-term high-performing teams that commit to your mission, there is no way around it, these key-stones need to be in place.

What you get:
✓ Blind spot analysis for the whole team
✓ Alignment of personal career goals with the needs of your company
✓ Tools for emotional and mental well-being
✓ Managing intuitive talents in favor of the company
✓ Personal and business development

For Founders and C-Level Management

For the teams and employees

Portfolio | Achievements

Founders that discovered their blind spots optimized their leading skills and built their businesses profoundly.
Teams got clarity on how to fulfill their personal career goals within the company,
People strengthen their emotional and mental resilience in their professional and personal life
What people say
Henri analyzed me and my entire team as part the blindspot program, supporting me in the implementation of new strategies. He immediately recognized the individual abilities of each team member, which in retrospect led to a major change in the distribution of tasks between my employees and me. Henri also helped me to deal better with the personal suffering of being an entrepreneur and to transform negative feelings into positive and productive energy.
Carsten Herman

I highly recommend to work with Henri on your personal and professional skills, it extremely eye-opening. I'm way more efficient, feel less emotionally blocked, and feel more confident with my decisions. He supports me in difficult situations and always achieves a more positive and constructive perspective on topics.
Linda Stannieder
CXO at Huawei R&D / CEO at TMRW

Blindspots analysis of our leadership team. Predominantly offering solutions for specific individuals in my team, diagnoses it and talk through a model that helps comprehend the positions of the parties involved, who all spoke highly of the experience.
Dan Calvert
CEO MYMY Catering
I became more capable of sketching and acting upon a realistic image of the company, instead of being overly optimistic. Further insights let me work on certain behaviors over a period of time, rather than expecting to solve them immediately. Relationships and collaborations became better through learning how to communicate on an observing level.
Tim Wekezer
Henri was very constructive for us to think through how customers relate to businesses and especially our app. Our chats with him and the insights derived helped us to develop a solid distribution strategy within the Everssend app. I highly recommend him.
Stone Atwine
Fluent in fintech. Building Eversend

Grow your business by enabling your employees blindspots

A proven method that has helped thousands of people detecting their personal blind spots, provided strategies to help and change them. Uplevel your performances and build strong emotional and mental resilience.

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